Intervention in existing businesses

" Indian market: change up "

You are already settled up on the indian market; increase resources is not  anymore enough to change up. Wedge Consulting bring you:

  • A single window to settle on the field your indian strategy
  • A pragmatic eye anchored due to a long experience of the region
  • A global approach of problematics and multi-faceted of the indian complexity : history, religion, socio-cultural aspects, geographical specificity, economical or political .
  • The taking into account of the human factor, sometimes hard to comprehend.
  • A professional and systematic approach linked to a changing environment.


Our approach is based on :


  • A formal diagnosis by:

- Experience on more than 350 implementation and Development Projects

- A continuous dialogue with stakeholders internal and external involved in your project

- A proposition strength that enables us to enrich and broaden our approach

  • The construction of an action plan boosted by:

- A professional team experienced with the difficulties & complexities of the area

- The direct involvement of at least one partner

- An ability to find solutions sometimes original, pragmatic and always that meets your requirements

  • The initiation of actions chosen:

- We favor a participatory action and use our knowledge of cultures and mentalities to gather your forces around a common project.

- We support the teams in the acceptance of change and encourage their involvement in the sustainability of solutions.

- We document the stages of work by regular reporting, transparent communication and delivery of documents accessible and operational.