Comprehensive project management

" A trusted local relay at every step of your project "


  • Local validation of the industrial strategy
  • Drafting a set of requirements and specifications
  • Risk assessment
  • Construction recommendations
  • Planning and budgeting

Finding a land

  • Identification of suitable locations
  • Due diligence on the land selected
  • Permits / licenses / formalities / registrations

Creating a subsidiary

  • Company incorporation
  • Bank account opening
  • Local management
  • Hosting
  • Delegation of signature

Supervision of the construction of buildings and factories

  • Selection of the architect
  • Co-drafting specifications
  • Issuing of tenders
  • Selection of the builder
  • Selection, management and coordination of subcontractors
  • Supervision of worksite and cashflow with possibility of a dedicated engineer on site
  • In case of problem : crisis management

Recruitment of key personnel

  • Costing / compliance
  • Training / assessment
    • Lay off

Import and installation of machinery

  • Industrial licensing / clearances / compliance

Monitoring test period

Management back up during first year of operations