Your local relay

Being close to your preocupations

Wedge Consulting is a franco-indian consulting firm. Its main goal is to assist companies wanting to develop their business in the Indian and Bangladeshi markets, but also to assist Indian companies wanting to get into European markets. Wedge Consulting gives concrete and practical solutions for every key step of a project investment : finding a distributor, setting up a sourcing strategy, building a factory, finding offices...

Wedge Consulting also advises India based corporates on their CSR strategy by helping them select well managed and impactful NGOs, evaluating and monitoring their activities, reporting and promoting CSR activities.


By adapting to your needs

Wedge Consulting wishes to facilitate relationships between foreign and local companies, in order to ensure a successful implementation in a country where field experience is irreplaceable.

The main specificity of Wedge Consulting is to be your main contact, from market entry strategy to project completion.

Thanks to a vast experience

With the support of dynamic networks, Wedge Consulting is able to offer a large range of services to companies whishing to invest in Asia such as India or  Bangladesh, or in Europe. Market survey, identification of local partners, project management, mergers and adquisitions, expatriates assistance, business centre services... are examples of Wedge Consulting's capabilities.


And some significant added value

  • A personalised approach for your project
  • A guarantee of compliance with international, national and local laws
  • Optimisation of costs and delays related to your project
  • A multicultural team for a better understanding of your expectations, your values, threats and opportunities.
  • A strong experience, with over 300 projects completed.